Playfully Encourage Focus And Concentration

With Aumio, your child learns to direct his or her attention in a specific way. In simple exercises he learns to pay attention to his thoughts and feelings without getting lost in them.


Many Children Find It Difficult To Focus

When the nervous system is stimulated too much children experience a lack of focus and this is becoming more and more common in children. It means that some children react more sensitively to internal and external stimuli and are more easily distracted than other children of the same age. Does this sound familiar?

  • Unpleasant tasks, such as tidying up or doing homework, always take an unusually long time?
  • Does your child have difficulty staying focused during conversations and often drifts off into a daydream?
  • Even the teachers at school notice that your child is often distracted in class and can’t focus?

A child’s academic performance is often the first thing that suffers. Comments such as “Pay attention!” or “Try harder!” increasingly lead to uncertainty, frustration and discouragement. More and more often, tasks that require a lot of concentration are avoided because they are scared of getting told off. As a result, the child is no longer sufficiently challenged and this makes it harder and harder for them to focus.

Aumio helps Children to Focus

Mindfulness and meditation can help boost a child’s focus. In recent years, numerous studies have shown that mindfulness exercises work well for children and adolescents. They have been shown to boost concentration levels by improving self-control. In studies using the Aumio app, many parents and children reported a significant improvement in their ability to focus after just four weeks.

Probier es aus

Probier es aus

Our Attention Course – “Unasu Galaxy”

In this course, the space creature Aumio takes your child on a journey of discovery into the galaxy of the Unasus which will stimulate his or her imagination. The special characteristic of the creatures there is that they always have their eyes on everything, but can never keep their attention on one thing for long. They are very inquisitive, but their thoughts often wander off into distant galaxies.

Navigating With Your Ears
To help your child’s concentration, this exercise focuses on a single sound. During this sound meditation, your child can explore the sound carefully and as mindfully as possible. He or she learns that everything else seems far away and is no longer important when you focus on something so much. And in a flash, the mission has been accomplished!

Carousel Of Thoughts
This exercise is about observing and noticing your own world of thoughts. Your child will notice how thoughts appear in the inner cosmos one after another, like shooting stars. However, this is not a bad thing at all if you can just let them move on. After completing this mission, your child will find more inner peace and calmness.

Attentiveness can be trained, just like a normal muscle. In doing so, our exercises aim to train an attentive and non-reactive attitude towards one’s thoughts, emotions and body state. During the course, the child will learn how great it is to consciously control his or her attention and to decide which thoughts are important at that moment and which may gently move on.

The child’s own breath is especially helpful for this. It is always there and the child can learn how to use it to think clearly. After all, it gives them much more time to do the things that are really fun. And the not-so-fun things, like doing homework, are also done faster.

Tip: You can also do the exercises together with your child and talk about the experience afterwards. In order to neither over- nor under-challenge your child, we recommend this course from the age of six.

Aumio is Based On Science

The methods are scientifically based and the effectiveness of mindfulness has been proven by a growing number of studies. The positive effect of Aumio has also already been shown in two studies with more than 40 families: Families who have an impulsive child reported fewer temper tantrums and fights. General cognitive performance and health-related quality of life also improved.

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We Rely On Routines

To ensure the effectiveness of the exercises, regular practice is important.

  • A short exercise in the morning?
  • A meditation every evening just before going to sleep?
  • Or before a meeting with a friend after school?

Decide for yourself how and when Aumio fits best into your daily routine!

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