Dealing with Anxiety In Children

Anxiety is paralyzing in everyday life and difficult for children to understand. With Aumio, children go on a mindful journey of discovery and learn how to deal with strong emotions like fear.


Anxiety In Children comes in many forms

Does it seem like your child is afraid of everything? In everyday life, anxiety in children can present many families with major challenges. Maybe your child is experiencing trouble sleeping because he or she is worrying a lot about upcoming or past events? Or your child is anxious about going to school when a class test is coming up or because he doesn’t feel comfortable there? Aumio helps if your child

  • worries frequently
  • is afraid of performance situations
  • is shy and does not fit in

Often, anxiety about certain situations even leads to physical symptoms, such as stomach aches the morning of a class test. If your child keeps avoiding certain situations because of anxiety, it will have a negative long-term impact on their development and can become a huge burden for the whole family.

Aumio Stops helps Children deal with their thoughts

With Aumio, children learn to deal with everyday problems through play, fun and mindfulness. The space creature Aumio takes children on a journey through their inner emotional cosmos. The course “Timmidi Galaxy” deals mainly with the following problems:

  • Shyness and nervousness
  • Anxiety in children, e.g. social anxiety or anxiety in performance situations
  • Avoidance of new experiences due to fear

Anxiety or fear is a very powerful and exhausting emotion for children. Children are often not even aware of what anxiety does to them, as they don’t fully understand their own emotions. This is where the space creature Aumio can help to explain: fear as a powerful emotion is discovered and explained together. In the process, children get to know their own emotional world better, learn that they are not alone with these feelings and can try out strategies to deal with their fears.

Probier es aus

Probier es aus

“Timmidi Galaxy” – Our Course For Anxious And Shy Children

Aumio is a little space creature who keeps discovering new galaxies on his journey through the universe. In these galaxies he meets all kinds of beings with very different characteristics. Little by little, Aumio learns how these beings live and what problems they sometimes have. At the same time, he also learns their tricks for dealing with these problems.

In the anxiety course, Aumio lands with his spaceship in the galaxy of the Timmidis. These beings are afraid of everything they don’t know and therefore miss out on many wonderful experiences. Aumio tries to make friends with them and learns together with your child what fear is and how to conquer it. This also involves Aumio’s own experiences with fear again and again, for example when he has to speak in front of the class at space school or is invited to a party where he doesn’t know anyone.

The anxiety course is divided into two parts with 6 sessions each. Each session consists of a short story about Aumio’s experiences in the Timmidis galaxy, followed by an exercise in which the child can play an active part. In these exercises, the content and what has been learned in the stories are used as strategies.

For example, Aumio explains how he is always nervous before meeting the Timmidis because he doesn’t know them very well. He worries about what the Timmidis might think about him, and the merry-go-round of thoughts in his head spins faster and faster. In the exercise that follows, the child learns that he can stop such a merry-go-round by seeing the thoughts as shooting stars and just letting them pass by.

Mindfulness As A Method

The exercises in the courses are based on findings from mindfulness research and apply common meditation techniques. These are adapted to suit children and help them to experience things in a playful manner. The children learn, for example

  • to concentrate on their breath
  • to explore the signals of their body
  • to trust their body

In this way, they get to know their anxiety better and can make conscious decisions about how they should react.

Aumio Is Based on Science

The methods are scientifically based and the effectiveness of mindfulness has been proven by a growing number of studies. The positive effect of Aumio has also already been shown in two studies with more than 40 families: Families who have an impulsive kid reported fewer temper tantrums and fights. General cognitive performance and health-related quality of life also improved.

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How To Use Aumio

The exercises are most effective when Aumio becomes a regular part of everyday life. It helps children to have a routine – whether it’s before bed, to wind down, or before homework. In principle, the courses are suitable for all children.

Depending on the age of the child, the exercises can be done together or by the child alone. All that is usually needed is a quiet place and sometimes some space to walk.

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