Does your Child suffer from ADHD?

Aumio enables relaxation and concentration. The stories and meditation exercises help your child to calm down.


Motor Restlessness And ADHD In Children

Do you have a restless child who is constantly running around? Your child has little patience and can’t concentrate on tasks? Does he or she get into trouble at school and have problems fitting in?

Children with ADHD often have a hard time in everyday life. Their excess energy and the concentration problems which are often associated with that can lead to problems at home and then finally at school. In the “Movimovi Galaxy”, Aumio helps your child with the following difficulties:

  • Children with excess energy caused by ADHD
  • motor restlessness in children
  • lack of concentration
  • problems falling asleep
  • disruptive behavior at school

Children who are constantly hyperactive are a challenge for everyone involved – including themselves. They don’t know where to put their energy and often have the feeling that others are disturbed by their ADHD. Especially at school, this quickly leads not only to performance problems, but also social problems. Aumio tries to find ways to deal with these feelings together with the child and to transform the excess energy into focus and concentration.

Take a break with Aumio

Aumio helps children with ADHD to calm down. The app offers children relaxation exercises and ways to let off steam. This makes everyday family life easier and can lead to improved concentration at school, too. The children can relax during the day, fall asleep better and are more balanced overall. This happens through playful education in the form of stories: Children learn what hyperactivity means and how to deal with it through the experiences of Aumio and other space creatures.

Probier es aus

Probier es aus

A Journey Through The “Movimovi Galaxy”

Aumio takes children on a journey through the universe. In the process, galaxies and the child’s own inner cosmos are explored. In the hyperactivity course, Aumio lands in the Movimovi galaxy. The Movimovis are always on the move and have lots of ideas that they want to try out all at once. Even Aumio sometimes finds it difficult to focus on steering his spaceship on long journeys. Gradually, strategies are explained that help space creatures use their excess energy and focus on important tasks.

The hyperactivity course consists of two sub-courses, each with 6 sessions. Each of these sessions consists of a short story followed by an exercise where the child can try out the tricks of the space creatures themselves. Here, breathing and meditation exercises are used to teach practical strategies for everyday life.

One session’s story tells the tale of the Movimovi captain, who often becomes impatient and fidgety with all her tasks on board. She then uses the space on the spaceship to do her calculations while walking. In the exercise that follows, your child learns to convert energy into concentration through mindful walking.

Aumio Is Based on Science

The methods are scientifically based and the effectiveness of mindfulness has been proven by a growing number of studies. The positive effect of Aumio has also already been shown in two studies with more than 40 families.

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How To Use Aumio

The exercises are most effective when Aumio becomes a regular part of everyday life. It helps children to have a routine – whether it’s before bed, to wind down, or before homework. In principle, the courses are suitable for all children.

Depending on the age of the child, the exercises can be done together or by the child alone. All that is usually needed is a quiet place and sometimes some space to walk around.

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