Sleep Meditation For Kids

Your kid doesn’t want to go to sleep? Aumio can help your kid with meditations. This makes it easier to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep.


Problems With Falling Asleep Are Normal For Kids

Difficulties with falling asleep and staying asleep are very common and concern many families. These problems can occur in many different ways. Does this sound familiar?

  • Your child just won’t sleep?
  • Your child has nightmares and wakes up at night?
  • Your child can’t settle down and takes a long time to fall asleep?

This may sound familiar to you but don’t worry, you are not alone! Some kids have no trouble falling asleep, but keep waking up at night, interrupting their parents’ sleep as well, leading to overtiredness for everyone involved.

Other kids are afraid of the dark, of monsters under their bed or recurring nightmares, and therefore do not want to go to bed. Still other kids still have so much energy in the evening or are still thinking about what has happened during the day that they can’t get any rest at all.

Whatever the reason, your child is not sleeping enough. For kids in particular, restful and sufficient sleep is not only important to have enough energy the next day, but also imperative for their healthy development.

Häufig wird der Teufelskreis allein bei dem Gedanken, gleich ins Bett gehen zu müssen, aktiviert. Das Bett wird mit Wachliegen, Herumwälzen und Anspannung verbunden – wirklich nicht das, was man am Ende eines langen Tages möchte. Mit Meditationen und Traumreisen kann dein Kind lernen, sich abends im Bett zu entspannen.

Probier es aus

Probier es aus

Meditation And Imaginary Journeys To Fall Asleep

Aumio will take your kid to the Magios galaxy. Here there are magical forests that can be explored in imaginary journeys and whose soft mossy meadows invite you to sleep and dream.

In the neighboring Cloud Galaxy, your child will meet a little cloud creature on an imaginary journey and go on a discovery tour with him or her. Here, your child can also discover his or her personal place of rest, to which he or she can go at any time.

Other relaxation and sleep exercises will also help your kids become sleepy. The exercises and stories are based on techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation.

For example, in a meditation to fall asleep, your child says goodnight to each part of his or her body individually, and thus slowly settles down. These methods are used for self-relaxation and also ensure that both the body and the mind become calmer.

Mindfulness As A Method

The dream journeys and meditations for falling asleep are based on the concept of mindfulness. The idea is to consciously be aware of things but without thinking much about it.

This can help kids who mull over and maybe worry about the things that have happened during the day too much. Kids who are still full of energy in the evening can also find more physical peace through mindfulness. Classic meditation techniques are taught simply and made easily accessible to kids. For example, they learn …

  • to concentrate on their breath
  • to feel individual parts of the body
  • to let go of thoughts and worries

…and much more!

Mit Meditationsübungen kann dein Kind am Abend entspannt einschlafen.

Aumio Is Based On Science

Mindfulness and meditation exercises have been proven to help people calm down and therefore also making it easier to fall asleep. Improved quality and restfulness of sleep through mindfulness has also been proven by many studies. For more information on the science behind Aumio and studies on the effectiveness of mindfulness, visit our science page.

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Your Kid Is Not Sleeping Well? Routine Helps!

If your kid doesn’t want to go to sleep, it’s especially important to create an evening routine. Doing things at the same time every day and routines are enormously helpful and make it easier for kids to get ready to go to sleep.

Aumio can become a fixed part of this routine and be used, for example, directly before going to sleep. The app is basically suitable for all kids.

Depending on your kid’s age and wishes, you can do the exercises together. Or you can say good night to your kid beforehand and let them listen to the meditation or story to fall asleep on their own.

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